I will only display links here for websites and services that I have found genuinely helpful and would recommend to runners of all levels.

Time-to-Run – a global free online running magazine that contains a wealth of info on everything from training programs, advice on injury prevention. 

Runnersworld – the website for the magazine of the same name that contains. It is particularly useful for beginner training programs, finding events and equipment reviews.

London Physio – Mark Green is a running injury specialist physiotherapist who I first used when I was struggling with an injury in the build-up to the Edinburgh Marathon last May. He has run a 2:33 marathon so understands the needs of runners.

Sports Massage – Timo Dahlstedt was recommended to me by Mark Green and has given me some very painful, but I’m sure very effective massages. He is based at Pineapple Dance Studios (oo err!)  in Covent Garden, London.

Sweatshop - The best running shop I have come across to date. I am basing this on my experiences at the Clapham branch where the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.