Saturday, 26 June 2010

NEW 5K PB – A whole 3 seconds shaved off at parkrun

Last week I discovered a great event for my weekly schedule called Parkrun. There are timed 5K runs/races all over the country every Saturday morning and it’s completely free to enter. You can find out more here.

The easiest one for me to get to is Finsbury Park. So I went along last week to give it a go as I’ve never actually timed myself at 5K distance. I ended up coming 3rd in 17 mins and 32 seconds.  There are a couple of hills on the course but I managed a sprint finish at the end almost crossing the line before Simon Freeman in second but he just held on.

My new racing trainers - light as a feather!

I was confident I could do better next time having experienced the course so I ran again this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and I was breaking a sweat just walking up to the start area. Like last week there was a few of us who sped ahead at the start. I quickly settled into 3rd place though overtaking a couple of guys who started a bit too quickly. I was on my own  for the rest of the race until I came across the guy in front of me who had just stopped. So I sped past him and was well on my way. Until I had a complete brain freeze and didn’t know what direction to go in! I eventually worked it out from the marshal but must have lost a few seconds. I made up for it though with another sprint finish which took me over the line in 2nd place in 17:29, under  17 and a half minutes for the first time! I should mention that the guy who won finished in 16:02!!!

I would highly recommend Parkrun to anyone. Great way to test yourself at 5K distance, a great way to meet other people and a great start to a Saturday morning! For my Scottish friends there are events at Strathclyde Park, Pollok Park in Glasgow and in Edinburgh. There are several events in London.

Position: 2nd / 61
Time: 17:29 (PB)

Position: 3rd /79
Time: 17:32 (PB)

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